Master's degree in Management and Evaluation for the Intervention for Social Transformation


Admission profile

  • Students who have dealed a master or degree in social sciences or health area (Social Education, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Psychopedagogy, Pedagogy, Labor relations...)
  • Labor experience accredited in the area of the psychological, social and educational intervention (public administration, companies and the third sector)
  • Opened to Catalan, Spanish, European and American Latin students

Admission criteria

Allocation of places will be done based on:

  • Career education: degree and / or master
  • Complementary specific formation
  • Professional experience related to the master
  • Interview, if that is the case
  • It is advisable to have advanced level skills in ICT

Professional opportunities

  • Labor areas: public administration (town halls, regional councils, Autonomous government of Catalonia, state, EU), private company (consultancies) and the third sector
  • Technician specialized in project management of intervention for the social transformation
  • Technical evaluation of public policies, projects and programs of psychological, social and educational intervention
  • Technician of organizations
  • Social consultant
  • Researcher